Attaining The Ultimate Goal of a Robocup

If you understand the rules, aims and purposes of robocup, you might come to the conclusion that these purposes are overly ambitious and impractical. Robocup and its governing bodies aim at playing soccer with human players. Basically this will be the ultimate test of achievements of studies done. By 2050 human beings will play against robots in the game of soccer.

Critics and other concerned parties particularly university students and teachers have raised concerns on the matter. It is hard to imagine human beings playing against machines, now more so that there has never been any significant example of such a scenario. FIFA, the world governing body pledged to the purpose of Robotics. An interesting thing here is that FIFA intends to enforce all the rules of the soccer. A challenge then will be on engineers and other researchers to conform to the rules of human soccer. This has been the primary goal of Robocup.

Even with much assurance from FIFA and Robocup teams, some people are still left with questions regarding the credibility of the game. The reason is that people are still in fear that robots are still machines. Chances of injury are anticipated unfortunately on the side of human soccer players. The game is said to be played by between a well formulated robotic team which shall have been brought together upon a selection by the governing body of robotics against the best soccer team of the time, that is, the team that will have worn the previous world cup.

It should however be appreciated that robocup are not for just that – playing soccer. Once the game is played, whatever the outcome, it will not be the end of research on this field. Robocup presents a good trading platform that will boost production.