What is Artificial Intelligence Research

RAMIREZ : April 13, 2012 3:01 am : Recent

Artificial Intelligence Research is a type of concept where people from all across the globe are concerned. Those who undertake such research are not only intelligent but also need to have the brains to create one. An easy example of Artificial Intelligence is Robots.

Robots are artificial human beings yet they are able to perform almost all duties that can be carried out by any human being. The main difference is that robots are made using artificial intelligence (AI). Today, many countries like Japan have even replaced their company employees by robots as robots are designed and trained to create error free work. There is a possibility that robots are going to create a revolution in the coming future.

Even computers are another type of artificial intelligence because it provides corrective methods while typing. Let us use the simple Microsoft word software. While typing, it automatically shows us errors of the words that we type. All these are clubbed under Artificial Intelligence.

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Robotic Research

RAMIREZ : March 31, 2012 3:01 am : Recent

Among the latest technology is the manufacturing of the Robots. This has made the field, Robotic research, a challenging and interesting field. When the first robot was designed, it was like a myth. How a gathered plastic could and wire connections carry out almost what man can do?

After the first Robot, the field has become ever growing with various intriguing researches every day. A great lot of money is being poured on the field yearly to enhance a hitch-free research. Many countries especially in Europe and Asia, invest a lot in the field in the recent past years even more than the US.

However, many benefits have accrued from the field since its discovery. Robots are now widely used for many things. Some Robots are used in Auto-mobile industries in assembling of engines. They are also employed in medical field to perform some operations. Although, these mechanical bodies could perform different jobs, however, the operations are still dependent on human brain.

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The Need For Artificial Intelligence Research

christy : January 20, 2012 10:23 am : Recent

Artificial intelligence research is the research work carried out in the branch of science that deals with designing intelligent agents. Intelligent agents refer to those agents who perceive the environment and take such actions which aim at maximizing the probability of success. Hence, artificial agent research is a vital field of science as it deals with application of human intelligence in the field of robotics. The three main pillars of artificial intelligence are deduction, reasoning and problem solving. Most of the artificial intelligence problems are designed using these approaches.

A lot of different game types can also be solved using this approach as AI techniques provide optimum and probabilistic solutions to various games. Research work in this field has helped boost the knowledge base significantly with a lot of intelligent agents working in tandem with the environment. This is one of the most modern branches of science and is likely to benefit the human race in future.

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Blimey, Kenny was rather more keen to discuss things this time

RAMIREZ : December 14, 2011 5:05 am : Recent

“Interesting that Kenny Dalglish was very keen indeed to discuss Jay Spearing’s sending-off when quizzed after Liverpool’s defeat to Fulham.
“”Jay won the ball. He probably upset the referee with his follow-through but it’s not his fault there’s somebody standing there.
“”You see them sometimes get a red card, other times they get away with it. The problem everybody has is the level of interpretation – that’s not consistent.”””

Read the full article here

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RAMIREZ : July 7, 2011 5:58 am : Recent

Football (or soccer) was the original motivation for RoboCup.  Besides being a very popular sport worldwide, soccer brings a significant set of challenges for researchers while attracting people to the event. These challenges include:

  • collective game, for which more than one agent/robot is required to play
  • individualistic (each agent/robot must identify relevant objects, self-localize, dribble) and cooperative (passes, complementary roles) elements
  • dynamic and adversarial environment, with moving objects, some of them rational agents that are playing a game against your team
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