What is Involved in RoboCup Soccer

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In attempts to foster Artificial Intelligence research (AI) and Robotics, Professor Allan Markworth mentioned the possibility of having robots to compete in a particular domain. As at then, the most preferred domain that would stimulate interested people in this field was soccer, a game that has the most following. This initiative has created forums through which different engineers can meet to enhance the use of robots, research and education.

Through this contact, engineers bring together their technologies and incorporate them to come up with a solution for a common problem. In order to make the soccer game possible with robots, technologies that must be incorporated include: strategy that is synonymous to reasoning, sensing, autonomous and agent – collaboration.

The soccer is organized in several ways to accommodate the most natural setting of a real soccer game as well as achieving its primary goal of research and robotics. Currently, this is how it is organized:

Simulator League, Small Robot League, Full Set Small Robot League, it is like human soccer with 11 robots per team, Middle Size Robot League, Legged Robot League, Expert

Robot League.

Some might be have visualized this in a way that capture the image of a full capacity stadium of 60,000 fans. While in future it might be possible, for now the soccer is simpler in this regard. The soccer pitch is a small model of a soccer pitch. Fans (in this case these are engineers, researchers and other concerned people.) All attempts are made to ensure that this appears like a real human soccer because the more it is real, the more successful the findings of the research will be and this will successfully translate to further action on robotics and AI.

There are however, deviations from the norm of human soccer in different ways. One game is not 90 minutes. The time is reduced to halves of 20 minutes or so.

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Impacts of Robots on Human Production

christy : March 12, 2013 7:33 am : Recent

The rapid advancement in technology has made the development and use of robots to be on the increase. The use of robots has been on the increase in industries, hospitals and in science. Their use has been seen to be convenient as they perform more efficiently and faster compared to human labor in these disciplines. However the use of robots affects humans in many and will affect them more in the future.

The programming of robot makes it work without defects and this makes it useful in many manufacturing companies. Fatigue experienced in humans while working is not something to worry about when using a robot to perform a certain task. Risks also taken when using robots without fear compared to the fear experienced by humans while undertaking certain jobs like mining and working with heavy machinery. The effects of using robots can be seen and will be felt more in the coming future.


Loss of jobs by people in manufacturing industries as robots replace the man power is on the increase and will continue rising as robots as robots continue to be more efficient in their performance. Their use is beneficial and profit making but this brings down the economy. Many hospitals are now using robots to provide services to patients with difficulties by doing the basic needs. In the future the robots will replace more humans in many fields.

Handling of luggage in the airports will no longer be a man’s job. Retail checkout clerks together with pilots will be replaced by robots. This clearly shows us that a lot of people will have to find themselves other jobs to ensure their survival on this planet. Many job providers seem to prefer the use of robots as they require no supervision and intervention. What is needed is just programming and all is good to go.

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Types of Robots

christy : March 7, 2013 8:23 am : Recent

A robot is an electro-mechanical machine that is computerized or electronic. Some robots are remote controlled. They automate movements and therefore they seem to have a thought of their own by doing things like humans. Mostly robots are used to perform tasks that humans are afraid to do. Unable to do and also tasks those tasks in dangerous places and environments. Despite their usefulness in performing tasks they are blamed for loss of jobs and unemployment in some companies and industries as they have replaced man power. Some people argue that robots will co-exist with humans in the near future due to the development and sophistication of robots as time passes.

Industrial robots

An industrial robot is used for the production of goods and materials and also their distribution. Most of them consist of jointed arms and are used for pick and carry operations in many companies.

Collaborative robots

These are robots designed to interact with humans safely. They can feel the impact of a human in their way while performing tasks and stop instantly.

Mining robots

There are used to improve mining skills, improve productivity and do what human miners cannot do due to the hazardous effects brought about in dangerous mining areas. They are designed to improve efficiency in mining.

Military robots

They are robots designed to combat, they are able to use weapons and find their targets. Innovations are made to enable the military robots pick their own course of attack and make decisions on their own. The current military robots are used in ground battle and air.

Healthcare robots

Robots are being used to provide services in healthcare facilities, they have designed to help people with disabilities, and provide care to the aged like serving of food and movement from place to place.

Humanoid robots

They resemble human beings in some way and are intelligent in their well known environments, they are general purpose robots designed to perform various tasks like opening electric doors, recharging themselves, link with networks, respond to alarms and also recognize humans.

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Increasing Production Through Robots

christy : February 18, 2013 5:49 am : Recent

Businesses strive to boost their profits in different ways. Some have opted for varied marketing strategies, cost cutting which has seen many people lose their jobs among other ways. Whatever ways a business decides to use, one thing is always very clear, that the amount of products produced will greatly influence the profits of a business.

Production is one of the key elements of any business, after all, there is no business without production, in other words, production it at the center of every business. In regard to this truth, there is one way that has been received with mixed reactions – the use of robots.

In simplified language a robot can be defined as a machine that is programmable and controlled machine. Robots have the capacity to do a lot of tasks including those that seem very hard. This article concerns itself with some of the advantages of using robots in production as well in other related departments.


This is probably the first thing you think of when you hear of robots in production. Robots are not human, and for this reason, they are able to endure working in conditions that would rather be unhealthy to human beings. For example, waste disposal, agriculture and medicine have embraced robots in most of their activities. Due to dirt and harmful chemicals that may be in waste, the waste disposal industry has opted to use robots in such jobs that may be risky for human health.

Maximum Production

As I mentioned earlier in this article, robots are not human beings. This means that they do not get tired, sick or go for brake. Programmed properly, robots have the capacity to work for long without stopping. This increase production at a higher rate than human beings would. The only thing that they would need at production is control and supervision.

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Military Robots

christy : February 18, 2013 5:48 am : Recent

Robots have become integral in almost every part of our lives with schools, hospitals and industries being the leading. In, fact there has been questions regarding the role of human beings since robots seem to be taking over everything. Regarding this the movie “irobot” seemed to have foreseen this trend. The movie is a critic of robots in the society. Despite the concerns that people have concerning robots, it would not be just to overrule the fact that robots are not all bad but have some shreds of good.

Military robots are perfect example on how robots can be put in their best use. Military robots are those used by the army In their different operations including spying, defense and even attacking. These robots are of different types depending on the uses in which they are put. This article highlights some of the major military robots.


This type of robot works in conjunction with many other robots of its kind, in other words, they work in pairs. The PackBot 510 being the latest model of this same robot type. Their main use has to tackle the most dangerous tasks like dropping bombs. They work in the fashion of a video game with each having a hand controller.

The goalkeeper

Right from its name, you can figure out its use. Uniquely, this robot is use to protect ships. However, it does not work from the sea; it does so from the air. Attacks of bombs and missiles from dropping aircrafts are detected by this robot.


This has proven to be the most important robot as far as the military is concerned due to its various functions. Its role is mainly to detect and destroy risky weapons used by the enemy. It has been in built with an x-ray device that enables it to detect and scan objects. It recovers or destroys timed bombs.

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