Impacts of Robots on Human Production

The rapid advancement in technology has made the development and use of robots to be on the increase. The use of robots has been on the increase in industries, hospitals and in science. Their use has been seen to be convenient as they perform more efficiently and faster compared to human labor in these disciplines. However the use of robots affects humans in many and will affect them more in the future.

The programming of robot makes it work without defects and this makes it useful in many manufacturing companies. Fatigue experienced in humans while working is not something to worry about when using a robot to perform a certain task. Risks also taken when using robots without fear compared to the fear experienced by humans while undertaking certain jobs like mining and working with heavy machinery. The effects of using robots can be seen and will be felt more in the coming future.


Loss of jobs by people in manufacturing industries as robots replace the man power is on the increase and will continue rising as robots as robots continue to be more efficient in their performance. Their use is beneficial and profit making but this brings down the economy. Many hospitals are now using robots to provide services to patients with difficulties by doing the basic needs. In the future the robots will replace more humans in many fields.

Handling of luggage in the airports will no longer be a man’s job. Retail checkout clerks together with pilots will be replaced by robots. This clearly shows us that a lot of people will have to find themselves other jobs to ensure their survival on this planet. Many job providers seem to prefer the use of robots as they require no supervision and intervention. What is needed is just programming and all is good to go.