RoboCup Leagues

Robocup is an international platform created by the late 1990s by concerned engineers and researchers interested in robotics. The aim was to enhance research in Artificial intelligence research and Robotics.

Having identified some games like soccer and chess as the best suited option to achieve their goal, they have to invite everyone interested in different soccer and chess games. In order to ensure constant participation in research through the games, The Robocup committees had to come up in leagues that teams would play depending on the dynamics of their research and objectives.

The following were the leagues that were established:
Standard Platform League

This is a Robocup robot soccer league that invites teams to participate using identical robots. Robots are of different types. The underlying rule of this rule is that participant robots have to be identical not only in color but in mechanics, make and model. It is a rule in the game that the robots operate autonomously and no human manipulation or control of the game either physically or through computers.

The Robocup@home League

If you have watched iRobot, a movie starring Will Smith a famous American Action actor, then you will have a clear picture of what I am talking about. This league is designed to research on robots that will be of domestic help to human beings with the capacity to do house chores like cooking, washing and cleaning. These robots are to be designed in a way that they will not clash with human beings, so they have to be like human beings.

Robocup Simulation League

This is a soccer league that involves players who play in a computer simulation. Unlike the other leagues, the robots are not in physical hardware way. This league has some mini leagues including 2D, 3D and mixed reality soccer stimulation.