The Difference Between Human Soccer and Robocup

You probably have heard or come across the word Robocup and never really got to understand its meaning. Human beings play different games like soccer, rugby and cricket. Well, all these games have their own pleasure and more importantly the reason why people play them. Likewise, robotics has their main purpose. Robocup is a scientific venture, specifically in the engineering field that is aimed at promoting research on robots. In this endeavor, engineers under an association came together and agreed on some game through in which robots would play. Here the idea was to identify how best these robots could imitate human soccer players.

Like the human soccer game, there are rules involved in this game. However, there are basic things that are not exactly as human soccer. The reason for this is that the purposes for the two types of soccer are different. One is for studies and research while the other is a game of pleasure.

Human soccer teams are basically made of eleven players per team who play as they are unless a player is eliminated through breach of soccer rules. On the other hand in Robocup, the numbers of robots that play in a match differ with the type of league that is underway. For example, a four legged league consists of 4 players per match.

In human soccer, the referee has the power to control activities in the pitch. These include suspension of players, making decisions concerning a wrong move and such things. However, in some robocup leagues especially those that include several robots, there is no referee. The game is played freely with no interruption of a third party.

The above are jus the basic things concerning these two types of soccer. Other things remain constant, only the terms used to materials like ball and other things are different as well as jargon.