What is RoboCup?

RoboCup is an global research and education initiative, it attempting to promote Artificial Intelligence and Robotics explores by given that a standard problem where a broad range of technologies which can be incorporated and examined, as well as can be used for incorporated project-oriented learning. For this reason, to manage the Robot World Cup Soccer Games and Conferences each year, RoboCup chose to utilize the soccer game as a main domain. Since 2000, the competitions incorporate Search and Rescue robots as well. Various technologies must be integrated, in for the robot team to actually play the soccer game.

The RoboCup Federation projected that the final goal of the RoboCup Initiative to be declared as follows: “By 2050, a team of fully independent humanoid robot which play soccer will be the victor in a soccer game, complying with the authorized FIFA rules, against the champion of the most current World Cup of Human Soccer.”

Approaching the State-Of-The-Art: By offering publicly attractive, but alarming challenge, we RoboCup as a vehicle to promote robotics and AI research. One of the efficient ways to encourage engineering research, apart from detailed application developments, is to set an important long term objective. An objective when achieved and when it has an essential social effect then it’s called as grand challenge project. Constructing a robot to play soccer game it does not produce important social and economic effect, but the achievement will surely be considered as a chief accomplishment of the domain.

The Dream – The final ambition of the RoboCup Initiative to be declared as follows:

We suggest that this objective to be the one of the magnificent challenges common by robotics and AI community for coming 50 years. This objective may sound over motivated given the state of the art technology at present. However, we believe it is significant that such a long range objective to be claimed and pursued.

The Landmark Project – The booming landmark project claims to achieve very striking and broadly attractive goals. The most flourishing instance is the Apollo space program. In case of the Apollo project, the U.S. devoted the objective of “Returning a man to earth safely after completing his visit on the moon”.

The Standard Problem – Computer chess is a typical example of the progress of the research can be evaluated as strength of the system, which was indicated as the rating. However, as computer chess is about to complete its original goal, we need a new challenge. The challenge need to foster a set of technologies for the next generation industries. We consider that RoboCup fulfill such a demand.

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