RoboCup Soccer Rules

The technical and organizing committees of Robocup soccer and other games sit every year to draft and amend rules that will govern leagues in that year. Rules drafted are to go hand in hand with the original goal of the research intended to be carried out. It should be noted that the primary goal of the games id not fun as it is in human games – this is to help in research in robotics, in other words, this is the practical essence of the research.

Although rules are drafted every year, there are rules that have autonomous and therefore are permanent and apply in all leagues: Here are some of the up to date rule of Robocup soccer games;

Drafting of rules

Rules of a RoboCup soccer leagues are drafted and revised by the league technical committee only, though there can be consultation with the other committees. Teams cannot therefore come with rules that will serve their own convenience. This can jeopardize the effectiveness of the research. Teams can be deregistered or disqualified from this particular league.

Rules Changes

It is a rule that rule changes. Rules of a league are not rigid. They are subject to change by the technical committees either, revising or drafting of new rules.

Soccer Balls

The ball used in Robocup robot soccer games are the same type that is used in golf. It should be orange and spherical.


The field or pitch should be flat with a green mat or carpet. 10mm thick markings just as those of human soccer fields are used. There are cameras hung on a mounting bar for the purposes of reference and close monitoring of the game and later use for research.

Unlike human soccer where there is a limit of substitutes, here there is no limit to the number of robots that can be interchanges as long as they adhere to the rules of that particular league.